Welcome to Success in 100 Pages, the only partnership publishing company that gives you your full investment back before we make a dime. We’re Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz and we the founders of Success In 100 Pages. We’ve been publishing our own books for over 20 years. Our book, Go for No! has been a consistent bestseller, translated into nine languages, and has sold in excess of 400,000 copies to date.

We founded this company to help successful entrepreneurs who want to write and publish a book, but have no time to do it all themselves.    

The first release under the Success in 100 Pages imprint (Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing by Ray & Jessica Higdon)—shot straight to #1 on several of Amazon’s bestseller lists, #1 on Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers” list, and rose all the way to #93 on Amazon’s overall bestseller list. More important, perhaps, is that the book is still selling extremely well. 

At present, Success in 100 Pages has two additional books in the pipeline, with more to follow. Perhaps one of our next books will be yours?

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Our Mission & Values

Success In 100 Pages is a mission-driven company with a strong sense of direction, values and beliefs—as such:

• We believe in the power and popularity of short books.
• We believe in providing readers with simple, “elegant” solutions to even the biggest of life’s problems. 
• We believe in honesty and transparency in all dealings.
• And, we do not—under any circumstances—publish books we do not believe have a reasonable chance at success.

In a sentence, our goal as a company is to publish books that solve problems, change lives, and to do so for the benefit of all parties involved.

Why did we launch Success in 100 Pages?

The simple answer is we saw an opportunity in the marketplace for short books that could have a big impact on people’s lives. The somewhat longer answer is that 15 years ago a major publisher turned down our book Go for No®! and forced us to become publishers. That little 80-page book has forever changed our lives. Now we have the chance to provide the same opportunity to other authors.

Our “Partnership-Publishing” Model

The best way to understand how our “Partnership Publishing” model works is to compare the two most commonly used publishing options:

Traditional Publishing… Self-Publishing…
The publisher pays the author an advance The author receives no advance
The publisher pays for everything The author pays for everything themselves
The publisher handles everything The author handles everything themsleves
The publisher arranges for distribution The author arranges for distribution
The publisher “publishes” your book  The author is “self-published”

The Partnership Publishing Model: The Best of Both Worlds

If only there was a way to get the best of both worlds, right? That’s where Partnership Publishing comes in. 

In the Partnership Publishing model:

The Partner Publisher… The Author…
Pays for 50% of the publishing costs Pays the other 50% of the costs
Handles cover design, editing, formatting, etc. Leaves all of the nuts and bolts “publishing stuff” to the publisher
Arranges for distribution Focuses on building their platform
Has a long-term vested interest in helping market and promote the book  Has a long-term vested interest in helping market and promote the book
Keeps only 50% of the profit since they paid only 50% of the up-front costs  Gets 50% of the profit because they covered 50% of the up-front costs

In short, we feel our model offers a true “partnership” between publisher and author. Please review our FAQs section for more information. This model is not for most authors. If you believe you have a book in you and you’d like our help, contact us. We’d love to talk!

All the best,

Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Authors of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Go for No!, creators of www.MillionDollarBookFormula.com and publishers-in-chief, www.SuccessIn100Pages.com 

P.S. For additional information, check out our FAQs here, and/or contact us (see Contact Us box above.)